03102010: Smile, and Pretend

Last night I accompany a best friend of mine to his batch's dinner, which supposedly attended by my other friend who cancelled at 11th hour. So, I ended up awkward at the table. Oh well, as long as the food are okey, so I'm good. There I met an old friend, and made a new one. Yeay me.

Super Junior?

Nom nom nom

Speaking about awkward.

I think that is the situation I am feeling now. Can I go back to where I was? I have this tendency to freak myself out, and is easily traumatized.

Life. Am I living my dream now? No.

I've been living in this little box. I pretend that I am happy. I try to tell myself, hey, you are lucky to have what you got now. I tried, tried, and tried. But looks like it doesn't bring much help.

So. Now I'm drawing my next game plan. Try to fit in every possibility, every opportunity that I might have missed, and try to push through. I will survive. I must survive.

2 Responses
  1. meen Says:

    cheer up adi!
    no play play aaa...

  2. wanie carey Says:

    jgn sedih adi.. *nanges*